Frequently Asked Questions

Expand FAQHow do I add a new user?

Expand FAQHow do I add my initial inventory?

Expand FAQWhat’s the difference between ‘Add’ and ‘Receive’?

Expand FAQI’ve filled the CII prescription, now what?

Expand FAQI am using two different NDC numbers to fill this prescription. How do I account for this is CSManager?

Expand FAQAre there any requirements for the password?

Expand FAQMy count is off, what do I do?

Expand FAQI’ve terminated an employee. Do I need to do anything in CSManager?

Expand FAQI’m sending some out of date drugs to my reverse distributer. How do I account for that in CSManager?

Expand FAQWe have prescriptions that weren’t picked up by the patient and are returning them to stock. Is there anything I need to do in CSManager?

Expand FAQI see some drugs on my “Below Par Order Report” but I don’t want to reorder that NDC any longer.

Expand FAQDo you have any suggestions for an ‘end of day’ procedure?

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